Sustainable Event Planning

Raised bed meet CO compensation

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Especially in event planning and implementation, a clever head and a well thought-out strategy can reduce the impact on people and the environment in advance.

Accordingly, there are of course also event service providers and caterers in Hamburg who focus on the topic of sustainability.

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Green spelt patty was yesterday

A “culinary revolt for a better world” is promised by Elementum. Patrick Diehr, who also runs the Koch-Fabrik, and his team can reduce the CO² emissions of an event by 95% through clever strategy alone and, for example, by dispensing with technical equipment, radically local products and re- and upcycling .

Equally exciting is Hobenköök. Probably unique in Europe, Hobenköök combines restaurant, market hall and catering. The holistic orientation is the foundation for the company. Regional producers, no intermediate routes and “nose to tail” as a matter of principle. Even food scraps are composted and used as natural fertiliser in their own herb or raised beds. In addition, there is appreciation for the producers and, for example, educational work with children and young people on nutrition together with the Kinderjahre foundation.

Did we mention that right next to Hobenköök is the “Gleishalle“? On 350 m², a creative socio-cultural meeting and event venue presents itself in the middle of Hamburg’s Oberhafen quarter. Around 200 people can meet or hold meetings in the open hall with its industrial charm. Of course, company parties or workshops and seminars are also possible in the “Gleishalle”. Hobenköök takes care of the catering, so the sustainable demand for an event is fulfilled here as well.

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Gold correct with Green Events Hamburg

Hamburg also offers a special network dedicated to sustainability in event planning: Green Events Hamburg ! The future-oriented network consists of players dedicated to ecologically and socially responsible events. In the “Tatenbank” you will find, for example, a directory of sustainable service providers in Hamburg, but also assistance such as checklists for sustainable events, so that you can act as climate-friendly and sustainable as possible when organising your own event.

If you need a strong network to advise you on events or to find the right service providers, Green Events Hamburg is the right place to go. Direct consultation by Green Events for your specific event is also possible. We will be happy to establish contact and coordinate an appointment.

What about CO?

But how much CO₂ does an event like this actually emit? How big is the footprint that my event leaves behind? This is where the CO₂ calculator from the Federal Environment Agency can help. The calculator helps to estimate the CO₂ consumption of catering, accommodation, mobility and the event location. In order to compensate for the CO₂ that is nevertheless produced at your own event, we recommend two corresponding programmes: Greenmiles and The Gold Standard.

At this point, we would also like to point out two checklists provided by the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Office for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

And finally, of course, there’s us and our team at the Hamburg Convention Bureau. We are always happy to support you in the selection of sustainable venues.