Maritim, urban and full of surprises

Faszinierende Tagungs- und Eventlocations im Hamburger Hafen
It’s best to begin a new year with a new set of exciting outlooks. That’s why today we – Karin, Florian, and Saskia – are inviting you on a tour of the high-contrast port of Hamburg with a heartfelt “Ahoy 2020!” Come with us to the tradition-rich setting to which the Hanseatic city owes its epithet “Gate to the World.” Anyone who accompanied us on our excursion to the Elbe suburbs last summer will be amazed: opposite elegant parks and manor houses, Hamburg can be discovered quite anew from the other bank of the Elbe.

Experience a high-contrast mix of seafaring history, industry culture and maritime flair! We’ll show you extraordinary locations for unforgettable events. Onward to the Hamburg port cosmos!

The Elbphilharmonie and the St. Michaelis church side by side with enormous freight container ships – you’ll only find this here! Surrounded by waves and blown about by fresh harbour air, we’re still in the middle of the city. The panoramic position of the international port of Hamburg is one of a kind, its austere charm irresistible. Now we’re excited to see what inside views it can offer us.


Our first stop is a one-storey brick building bearing the number 52A. It stands among cranes and ships – all of them protected historical sites, just like the building itself. For this dockside shed from the imperial era is one of the few remaining halls in which commercial goods were once stored for further transport. It was used to store spices. The premium caterer Gerresheim Serviert has transformed it into one of the largest event locations in Hamburg.

Under floodlights, we soak in the effect of the imposing hall with its special wood construction. The atmosphere that caused it once to be called the “cathedral of work” is still clearly tangible. And anyone who today comes here as a guest can enjoy, alongside this wonderful space, a wondrous view of the Hamburg skyline.

“The location does have a lot of fans. What particularly convinces our regular guests is our high-quality catering menu and a selection of furniture that leaves no design wishes unrealisable.”

Marco Dilger, Managing Director

Over 6,000 square metres, Schuppen 52 offers space for up to 3,000 guests, although kind and size of events are completely variable. Thanks to its modern infrastructure, including IT networking and safety features, nothing stands in the way of realising individually-designed events. Because Schuppen 52 lies in the middle of the port, it can be reached quickly from the centre of the city both by land and by sea. Alongside the S-Bahn and car, there is also the possibility of travelling from the city by a shuttle with barges via the Elbe.

Ambitious product presentations, exhibitions, shows or concerts go off just as brilliantly as conferences, congresses, large parties or exclusive gala dinners. And there are also many possibilities for striking storytelling for film and photo productions. For smaller events of up to 200 guests, Gerresheim Serviert has another special location on the southern bank of the Elbe in the programme – the Jachthafen marina. In the near future, by the way, the imaginative caterer will enrich the Hamburg event scene with one more location, taking over the event areas in the Zoo Hagenbeck.


Since we’re already out and about on the harbour, we’d like to feel real timber ship planks underneath our feet. With that in mind, we board the cargo vessel “BLEICHEN” and dive into a time before container ships dominated the Hamburg port scenery.

“The maritime soul of the “BLEICHEN” speaks from her raw beauty. That’s what makes every trip with her an authentic experience.”

Gerdjan de Leeuw, Director of the event agency Nordpuls

Over sixty years ago, the motor vessel “BLEICHEN” left the shipyard to transport parcels to Scandinavia via the Baltic Sea. After an eventful history that led the ship, which today is a museum, all the way to West Africa and the Black Sea, the freighter returned to its home harbour Hamburg and was painstakingly restored. Since 2018, the “BLEICHEN” has only sailed along the Elbe.

Where wood, cocoa beans and peanuts once lay in store, a one-of-a-kind event area now offers space for up to 200 people. With a rough industrial charm, the former cargo space “Luke II” of the heritage-protected ship inspires creative stagings of product presentations as well as festive company events.

Groups of up to 20 guests can celebrate and congress in style in the salon on the bridge deck. The fine furnishings of this room preserved almost exactly according to its former construction reminds us that, here, the captain was once the host.

The outdoor area of the “BLEICHEN” can largely be used in any weather conditions. To ensure this, robust tent systems are available. We imagine to ourselves what highlights await the passengers that spend their trip on deck – from the historic Hamburg port landscape all the way to the silhouettes of state-of-the-art cruise and container ships.


Today, the perfect on-board ambience prevails courtesy of Party Rent. This event outfitter active all over Europe has been realising holistic space concepts for over 25 years. „Our creative team works hand in hand with our sales representatives in order to meet the exact requirements of our clients and to jointly advise them at every stage of an event project,” says Senja Lambrecht of the Hamburg office. “Our logistics are very important in this process, as they are tailored to the specific requirements of organisers.”

As she shows us the feel-good atmosphere her team created in a nautical theme in the belly of the “BLEICHEN”, we can imagine what unforgettable experiences events here become.

Deutsches Hafenmuseum – Standort 50 A.

Back on land, our expedition into long-ago epochs is not yet at an end. Just a few quick steps over the quay and we’ve arrived at our next stop, the port museum Hafenmuseum Hamburg. Its collection, housed in the former free-trade harbour, is material for stories from 100 years of shipbuilding, seafaring, cargo handling and marine technology. These stories are told to visitors by people who have spent their working lives in the harbour or are still working there today. But it wasn’t only such exciting encounters that piqued our curiosity. The Hafenmuseum Hamburg also has much more to offer: It is a versatile event location for up to 400 guests.

“Groups that would like to celebrate cosily in the spirit of a beer tent feel at home here just as much as do gala guests at a sit-down dinner with fine wine, or small congress groups that desire an inspiring professional setting.”

Carsten Jordan, Museum Manager
For events of up to 30 guests, the pilot’s cabin with its historic interior is the perfect place. In the viewing depot, the centrepiece of the museum, events for up to 200 participants can be staged. With special permission, even more people can be hosted and entertained. This hall, made particularly delightful by its timber construction, features a front courtyard that is an obvious choice for programme items in the open air.

This front court can be combined with the Bremer Kai jetty to form an attractive playing area for smaller and larger outdoor events. Historic crane systems and other large objects that revive the pride of the old port industry here form a fascinating backdrop for product presentations or atmospheric events, one created specifically with food truck catering in mind.

We throw a last longing glance on the old and new treasures of the harbour before we direct our navigation toward the city once more. Luckily, the Hamburg port is easy to reach from anywhere in the city. And when the mood strikes us for a programme of contrasts, we will simply come by again.



Feel free to contact us anytime you need assistance! We’ll provide you with further information, ideas and contacts. Beyond that, we’re more than happy to advise you on the planning and realisation of your event.
Photos: Christian Spahrbier, Gerresheim serviert, Hafenmuseum

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