Hold a conference in Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt

Join Karin, Florian and Saskia for a stroll through the warehouse district! Discover intriguing spots and a colourful spread of entertainments! World-class hosts await you with exquisite comforts and the finest tastes of everything from tea and coffee through gin and rum all the way to cocoa and chocolate.

Historic flair at
the cutting edge

On one of the many bridges that lead into the warehouse district, we leave the Hamburg city centre behind us. Before us lies the world’s largest historic warehouse ensemble amidst century-old waterways. Here, charming brick facades, arched iron bridges and winding canals evoke Hanseatic traditions and maritime adventures. Since 2015, the more than 125-year-old “City of Warehouses” has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The district, which has been maintained in its original look and feel, has its finger on the pulse of city and harbour. Like everywhere in Hamburg, here too the accessibility of public transport ensures routes are short and efficient. And the very trendy harbour city is only a few steps away by foot.

The neo-Gothic buildings that rest on a foundation of oak pilings are today home to artists’ studios and creative agencies alongside several museums. Where spices, coffee, tea and rugs were once warehoused and trafficked, now professional hosts have found their way, enriching the authentic atmosphere with new concepts. Event organisers will here find a magnificent hotel, divine venues for meetings and events, as well as an exciting incentive package.

We’ll begin our walk with a look up at the cloudy sky framed by proud battlements, and down to the artfully designed facades that lie beneath it. It’s astonishing what a variety of MICE locations these time-honoured walls contain.

Comfort with charm and style at the Ameron

After our first expedition over bridges, up stairways and over cobblestones, we succumb to the enchantment of the incomparable atmosphere of the AMERON. The only hotel located directly within the historic warehouse district, it captivates with its cool design. A subtle mix of forms, colours and materials leads us out of the brick world of mid-19th-century style into an interior charged up with a 1950s and 1960s vibe, refined by modern paintings and sculptures.

A delicious buffet awaits us in the hall of the former Hamburg coffee exchange. Starting in 1956, coffee was traded here in what was back then one of the largest commodity futures exchanges in the world, alongside New York and Le Havre. Today, the coffee exchange is one of the most tradition-steeped event halls in the city. With its 264 qm, it is suited for conferences, meetings and evening functions of up to 130 guests.

The adjacent terrace entices with its one-of-a-kind view onto the Brooksfleet canal and is ideal for coffee breaks and smaller receptions. Added to these are further meeting rooms with capacities of up to 60 guests. With 192 rooms including eight junior suites, the renowned design hotel provides for stylish accommodations.

Conference and hotel guests can fortify themselves in the in-house restaurant as well as in a bar that has made a name for itself for its rum selection and whose library and fireplace afford a relaxing atmosphere.
From here, it is not far to the other highlights of the warehouse district. Infected with a fascination for living history, we set out for further discoveries. We follow our noses, as a fine aroma of exotic spices still wafts from some warehouses.

Gourmet inspiration in the Genuss Speicher

Now we want to know more about the delicious wares that have made the warehouse district famous. This lands us in a
19th-century coffee warehouse that today presents itself as a small but exquisite world of experiences. The Genuss Speicher is at once a museum, a coffee roastery, a café and an event venue.

Here, we learn about the kinds of manual labour that are involved in the cultivation, harvesting, transport and processing of coffee beans. We sniff roast aromas and, in a museum-like shop, admire advertisements and packaging of coffee brands from the course of a century. Alongside coffee and tea, the Genuss Speicher also devotes itself to the pleasures of gin and Rotspon, a traditional Hamburg red wine speciality that has lately been enjoying growing popularity among wine connoisseurs.

In its singular vaulted cellar, there’s room for 70 gala guests or up to 190 people for receptions. In addition, a wide range of tastings and seminars are offered in the historic rooms for groups of up to 20 participants – from barista art to the world of tea to gin tastings.

A stage clear for special events

After so many flavourful delights, we catch a whiff of theatrical atmosphere, which wafts over from a former tobacco warehouse. In the charming Theater Kehrwieder, we step onstage without a hint of stage fright and look out onto an auditorium framed by red velvet walls. Here, events can be staged in all kinds of ways.

The theatre hall features state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology and can accommodate an audience of up to 320 people. If dinner seating is desired, there’s room here for 240 guests. On top of that, there is a spacious foyer with a bar suitable for standing receptions and this space can be changed in an atmospheric lightning spectacle. We luxuriate in the spotlight for another moment, dreaming of the cabaret, before, blinking from the lights, we return to the open air.

Chocolate is the main event

Now we need a creative break. And sweet refreshments. So it’s off to the Chocoversum! This spot, which refers to itself simply as a “chocolate museum”, is a playground for young and old. For here, the only rule is: give it a taste and join in!

A gourmet-guide takes us on a culinary journey. The interactive tour begins in the tropical rain forest and leads through the Hamburg harbour all the way to the refinement of the chocolate. At the end, we even lend a hand ourselves in the chocolate workshop. This is a kind of continuing education that puts you in a good mood!

Anyone who would like to give an event a charming and delightful note can rent the Chocoversum for small meetings, workshops and get-togethers. Tours in various languages are offered for groups of 14 to 120 people. For those who would like to dig for even more sweet gold, there are immersive events with such exciting themes as “Tango & Chocolate” or “Chocoholic Cocktail Tour.” And, of course, there is also a chocolate shop with a tasty and fanciful assortment.

Splendid elegance on the historic warehouse floor

After so much excitement for all the senses, we put down an anchor in a picturesque location. The Historical Warehouse Floor receives us with the flair of old merchant tradition. Bright wooden floorboards, ceiling beams and the lattice windows with panoramic views typical of the warehouse district make an attractive context for meetings and dinners as well as weddings and other festivities.

In the overall area of over 750 qm, which can be divided into three room sections, up to 650 guests can be fed and entertained. The venue also features exclusive, direct access to the adjacent Miniaturwunderland, Germany’s most popular tourist attraction. At the Experience Warehouse any event can be combined with a visit to the world’s biggest model railway exhibition – with no wait times, of course! And there is room for up to 1,500 guests across four interactive floors. Or you could start with a welcome reception over drinks and canapés before a background of playful model constructions before moving to the warehouse floor for the main event.

We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to visit or host an event in the Hamburg warehouse district. Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you!

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