Road to Legacy

Walk the extra mile

© Mediaserver Hamburg/Sebastian Fremder

The Hamburg Convention Bureau can score with great expertise in Hamburg’s science and business landscape and provide MICE planners with ideas and contacts to get the best possible outcome for the event and the destination here. “Walk the extra mile” is an attitude we take to heart in Hamburg. Because we are sure that sustainability also means not only reducing one’s own footprint, but above all leaving a positive handprint in the city.

© Sebastian Fremder

We are absolutely convinced that trade congresses have a lasting impact on the city. Projects are initiated, expertise comes to the city, international networks are formed and, ideally, topics are moved that have a sustainable influence on the city of Hamburg. As an example of this – in keeping with the theme of sustainability – we can once again mention the ITS World Congress, which has once again anchored the theme of mobility in Hamburg and will also have a major influence on mobility development in Hamburg in retrospect. This is also underpinned by the UITP Global Summit, which will be held in our city in 2025 and 2027.

But other issues also bring sustainability to the city. The Polio Run of the Rotarians in 2019 has clearly placed the issue of polio in the public eye. But for us, legacy also means that framework programmes are designed in such a way that a topic is sustainably anchored in the city and carried out of the congress rooms into the urban space. This can happen through visits to research institutions, through speakers from local initiatives who make a contribution, but also through networking meetings between guests and resident scientists.

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Michaela Flint
Project Manager Sustainability MICE