Innovation meets transformation

When challenges become potentials

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Anyone who seriously wants to live sustainability cannot avoid the topics of innovation and start-ups. Innovations can catalyse development and progress – be it in the areas of deep tech, AI, blockchain, robotics or mobility. As early as 2008, the “InnovationsAllianz Hamburg” was founded in Hamburg, which focuses on people with the vision “Together for a liveable city with innovations” and provides innovative solutions for important social challenges by focusing on Hamburg’s future topics. Furthermore, our city was named an “Innovation Leader” by the European Commission in 2016. In addition, a “Regional Innovation Strategy” for health, climate and energy, mobility, data science and digitalisation, material sciences and new materials was developed in 2018. In the meantime – and we are a little proud of this – Hamburg is the smartest city in Germany according to the digital association Bitkom.

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A smart port

The Port of Hamburg is an important hub for sustainability. At first glance, you might think that Hamburg’s best-known industry has nothing whatsoever to do with sustainability. But if you think around a corner, you will realise that between high cranes and large containers, this is also where the greatest potential for development and innovation lies dormant: the Port of Hamburg is considered the centre of transformation. Our plan is to develop the Port of Hamburg into the centre of a sustainable and green hydrogen economy in Europe and to play a major pioneering role here.
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Start-Up-City Hamburg

And what about start-ups? If we go further back in history, we find that Hamburg has always been a start-up city, because Hamburg is a city of inventors with a fair amount of pioneering spirit. You need examples? Then let’s jump in with the following question: What do these things have in common? Chip card, water wings, sticking plaster, sparkler, Sellotape, baby dummy, Advent wreath, dynamite. That’s right! All of them were invented in Hamburg!

Today, the city’s start-up scene is very diverse and an important driver of sustainability, and thus significantly less destructive than dynamite. Passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, strong science and numerous business clusters meet innovative founders in Hamburg – an ideal breeding ground for new ideas and forward-looking projects. Hamburg offers great opportunities, which is why we are increasingly on the radar of professionals, students and investors. Speaking of radar: The foundation stone for today’s radar technology was laid by Heinrich Hertz, who discovered in 1886 that radio waves are reflected by metallic objects. And now you’re wondering where Hertz was born…

If you want to get to know Hamburg’s current start-up scene and the start-up ecosystem implemented in Hamburg in more detail, you can take a look at Start-Up-City, where many exciting start-ups are listed.

Sustainable experience

We do not see sustainability as a trend or something that is “in” at the moment. Sustainability is a process for us and our city. It is a path that we have chosen and that we pursue stringently. Many of our service providers see it the same way.

Hamburg offers you ideal sustainable solutions for your event. You will also find equally exciting solutions in the tourism sector. Hamburg Tourismus GmbH has drawn up a wonderful guideline for this, which makes it possible to experience Hamburg sustainably in the private sector as well – from fair shopping and sustainable accommodation to time out in the countryside.