Quickly from A to B?

In Hamburg you have all the possibilities!

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Hamburg is a city of short distances. Numerous hotels and locations are located in the city centre and can be reached on foot. If this is not the case – because Hamburg also has wonderful locations, restaurants and hotels outside the city centre – this is no problem at all in our city. The options for getting around town are wide-ranging and wonderfully sustainable!

Public transport

In Hamburg it is very easy to get where you want to go without a car. The public transport network is well developed on roads and rails and even extends to the water. Six suburban trains, four underground lines, seven ferry lines and several bus connections ensure the right connection, even beyond the city limits. Further suburban and underground lines are already under construction.

The CongressTicket for congresses, conferences and seminars is an offer by the Hamburg Convention Bureau and the Hamburg Transport Authority (HVV) for events with 250 or more participants. It offers guests free travel on local public transport and is valid throughout the entire HVV area. Organisers thus have the opportunity to provide all participants with an HVV travel permit during their stay.

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The ride-sharing service MOIA is fully electric, quiet and locally emission-free. Hamburg is one of two cities in Germany that offers a fully electric shuttle service. The principle is simple: ridepooling! With MOIA, rides are pooled by people who want to go in a similar direction. The trip is allocated proportionally to the passengers based on the distance travelled. MOIA ridepooling reduces the number of cars on the roads, makes more efficient use of existing infrastructure and reduces traffic problems such as air pollution, congestion, noise and lack of space. In combination with the local public transport network, MOIA is a wonderful alternative to owning a car.

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“Sharing is Caring” not only at MOIA – but also on two wheels in Hamburg. You can find them almost everywhere in Hamburg: The bright red Hamburg city bikes. So in Hamburg you can also get to your destination emission-free by bike. And without having to use your own two-wheeler. The way it works is very simple. Simply install the app, scan the QR code and start cycling. The first 30 minutes are always free of charge. For short distances, the bike is the ideal solution. Because, as we said, many of the Hanseatic city’s destinations are in the immediate vicinity to each other.

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Of course, you can also get around Hamburg by taxi. Here, too, Hamburg is playing a pioneering role nationwide and is working flat out to convert the taxi fleet to locally emission-free cars. In November 2022, the 250th e-taxi was licensed. In the “Future Taxi Project”, the entire fleet of currently 2,700 taxis is to be gradually converted to electric drive.

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Event mobility

The Hanseatic city is also ideally positioned in the field of event mobility and event logistics. Numerous providers guarantee excellent service for events and are largely equipped with sustainable propulsion. This means that event logistics in Hamburg can also be carried out in a low-CO₂ manner.