and find out what we pulled out of our suitcase.




and find out what we pulled out of our suitcase.



Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Andreas Vllbracht

Creative stronghold

Hamburg’s creative sector is thriving. The city is a melting pot that rattles and hums with design, art and culture. When it comes to entertainment Hamburg is a living legend. The heart and soul of its nightlife are of course St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn. What used to be a famous red light district and hangout for sailors today is home to a rich and vibrant live music scene.
Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Marius Röer

Hotspots for meetings and events

Still trendy and lined with hip restaurants, buzzy bars and dance clubs the Reeperbahn rewards visitors with an exceptional experience. The area offers a variety of venues, suitable both for conferences and incentives. Why not treat your delegates with a swanky ambience and top that with fabulous food plus a cool concert or comedy show?

Digital culture powerhouse

A big name on the global festival agenda as well as an annual highlight on Hamburg’s convention calendar is the Reeperbahn Festival. Since its launch in 2006 it has built a huge international profile with its fusion of music performances and a conference. This track record has led to partnerships with other key events. In 2015 NEXT Conference, dedicated to topics around the digital transformation, joined forces with Reeperbahn Festival. And in 2016 binge.watch, a creative festival for virtual reality, mixed reality and 360° video, followed suit and moved its program onto the same platform.
Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Ingo Bölter

Magnet for new talent

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Martin Brinckmann

Hamburg’s special appeal for artists and musicians goes back a long way. Those who try their luck here are following in the footsteps of a band you may have heard of: The Beatles. In the Sixties they lived and played in several clubs on the Reeperbahn – an episode that shaped them in more than just one way. As John Lennon once said: “I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg.”

Photo: HCB

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Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Liezmann

Leveraging trade and industry connections

A major trading metropolis Hamburg also takes a key position in a number of industries. The city follows a policy of promoting strongholds such as aviation, creative industries, healthcare, life sciences, renewable energies, media and IT in a systematic and focused manner. Last but not least two areas that are largely powered by the Port of Hamburg are logistics and the maritime sector.

These economic clusters offer platforms for expert dialogue and knowledge sharing, which is also reflected in the large number of conventions and trade fairs that are held here each year. 2015 saw the Hamburg Port Authority host the 29th IAPH World Ports Conference. The leading international maritime trade fair SMM was held at Hamburg Messe in 2016 and is due to return there in 2018. Specialist fairs like Seatrade Europe take place alongside high-profile public events such as the biannual Hamburg Cruise Days. Who wouldn’t consider this a win-win situation for everyone involved?

Driven by a spirit of innovation: Hamburg’s smartPORT

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Andreas Vallbracht

Striking the right balance between economy and ecology is a vital goal for the Port of Hamburg, where intelligent harbour management is creating a smart infrastructure. Amidst globalisation and climate change Hamburg has established international benchmarks for sustainable growth by means of green technology. The Container Terminal Altenwerder, for example, is recognised as worldwide state-of-the-art for its high degree of automation running on renewable energy from offshore wind parks in the North Sea. By harnessing solutions for eco-friendly mobility, integrated use of traffic data and streamlined logistics Hamburg’s smart port concept has clearly set sail towards the cutting edge of innovation.

Waterfront and waterways

What makes Hamburg stand out from other waterfront cities is a lacework of impressive waterways that shape most of its metropolitan area. Thousands of bridges and some stunning architecture make this maritime metropolis one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Ships of all shapes and sizes set the scene, starting from the harbour along numerous rivers and canals some of which flow into the two Alster lakes, presenting scenic views that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night.

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Roberto Kai Hegeler

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier

Global goods connection

You like fruit salad? Or maybe you prefer a cappuccino with a chocolate topping? Chances are your snack contains ingredients from Hamburg! The city has long served Northern Europe as gateway to the world and today is an essential hub for the exchange of goods between trading partners around the globe. Hamburg’s facilities can clear ships of all types and handle goods of almost all categories. What used to be mainly tea, coffee and spices has grown into everything from exotic fruits to industrial materials and consumer goods. All kinds of things we use in everyday life have travelled overseas – and many of them stopped over in Hamburg.


A major place for brands

What started in Hamburg with the creation of handmade fountain pens in the early 20th century grew to become an eminent manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather goods. Today Montblanc is an international brand and a household name that has stayed loyal to its city of origin. It is in excellent company, with other big names such as Nivea, Steinway, Airbus, Olympus or Philips, all of whom have a major presence in Hamburg. One of them might be just the partner you are looking for to sponsor your event!

Photo: Pixabay

A destination for leaders and decision makers

A precious pen is indispensable when it comes to sign a major deal. Hamburg is a place where leaders in business, politics and science like to meet and key decisions are made. On 7 and 8 July 2017 the city will host the 12th G20 Summit. More than twenty Heads of State or Government as well as representatives of international organisations will meet at Messehallen Convention Centre. Thanks to its Hanseatic legacy and history of international relations Hamburg has everything it takes to host a meeting of such significance.

Photo: Julian Huke Photography

IT is key

One of Germany’s top business cities, Hamburg is a centre of media and IT as well as a hub for the creative industries with more than 100,000 people working in these fields in over 23,000 companies. Home to the German headquarters of Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter Hamburg boasts the highest ratio of IT experts in Germany. They are a substantial audience for innovative meeting formats in the digital arena, like the OMR Festival with 25,000 attendees or TEDx. Both events have successfully been staged in Hamburg in 2017 and will return in 2018, celebrating the city’s flair for vision, ideas and change. Find out more about some of Hamburg’s key sectors.

Photo: Lemonaid

Sustainable innovation

Cosmopolitan and vibrant, yet smart and eco-minded – Hamburg’s business scene is also a stage for fresh trends. Local brands such as Viva con Agua, ChariTea or Lemonaid are proof that corporate social responsibility and sustainability add value for consumers. They all have gained substantial market share by selling beverages and using the revenue for funding development and fair trade projects.

Hamburg’s service providers for the convention industry frequently work with these brands as well as with various suppliers of local produce. Looking to host a green meeting? Hamburg is the place to do it!

Photo: Viva Con Aqua


Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Nicole Keller

Happy after hours

Hamburg invites you to add an unconventional touch to your convention. How about closing a day full of work sessions with a beer at the railing watching the ships go by? Why not take your guests out for a conference party to the shores of the Elbe? Hamburg’s popular beach clubs ensure that you stay cool during the warm season. There is a whole range of places that welcome groups of various sizes. Whether you want to quietly enjoy a sunset view or party with a crowd – Hamburg is a cool place for a night out on the beach.

Photo: Empire Riverside

Based on beer

In Germany you can expect to find beer of all strengths and flavours. But did you know that Hamburg has been a stronghold of the brewery industry since the middle ages? In the early days of the Hanseatic League the city was home to over 450 breweries making beer one of its major export goods.

Today some key event locations stand on the soil of former brewery sites. Like a lighthouse the Empire Riverside Hotel rises between Reeperbahn and the port of Hamburg. And a stone’s throw away the Penthouse Elb-Panorama tops Atlantic House at around 100 metres above street level. From both venues you can watch the sailing boats and cruise ships passing by on the River Elbe and gaze at the colourful lights of the Reeperbahn shimmering and dancing throughout the night.

Refreshing sidesteps

If you want to get away from the city the Hamburg Metropolitan Region offers a lot of options for recharging your batteries. You can experience a unique riverscape with vast meadows and romantic towns while cycling along the banks of the Elbe. Or you may prefer riding through some idyllic routes on horseback. If you’d rather walk and swing a golf club the choice of beautiful courses is vast. – Just to name a few of the many highlights of the region.

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / imagefoto.de

Coast to coast

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Bernd Schmidt

If Hamburg’s maritime flair has enticed your appetite for a salty breeze, we recommend a stay at the nearby seaside. Beaches of both the North and Baltic Seas are within a couple of hours’ reach from here. They are a breath of fresh air for body and soul as well as a paradise for water sports fans. Find your perfect spot among a variety of places to sail, surf and swim or just to relish a cool beer while watching ocean waves.


Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Andreas Vallbracht

Swept off your feet

Hamburg’s unique atmosphere is defined by water. But keeping your feet dry is easy, as much of the city’s maritime beauty and lakeside charm can be enjoyed on a walk or a jog. Walkability is one of Hamburg’s big assets. Smart business districts are just a hop away from popular nightlife venues. So bring your sneakers and extend your day in Hamburg by relaxing in style!

Run the extra mile and create a legacy

Attractive public space has become a real bonus for meeting hosts who want to make a lasting impact by connecting with stakeholders beyond the conference room. For example, if you want to make a charity run part of your convention Hamburg is the ideal place for such an event. You can be sure to find highly engaged participants and great audiences. There is no shortage of centrally located running routes. Plus Hamburg’s attractive cityscape provides views the media will love. See what the German Diabetes Association will do this May.

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Andreas Vallbracht

Luxuriously green

Hamburg is blessed with hundreds of parks, riverside lands and gardens which are generously spread across all areas. Right in the heart of town the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg is situated amidst lush green expanses inviting delegates to take in some fresh air during their breaks.

Background-Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Sascha Neuroth

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Abundant waterways and green spaces, safe streets, excellent transport plus a superior quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors alike – Hamburg is one of the few cities in the world that can be considered to have it all. It is in fact the only German city included in the top ten most liveable cities in the Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Take a look at some impressions that bring Hamburg’s many attractive sides to life.


Pick your favourite flavour any time

With a total of 15 Michelin stars shared between 10 restaurants Hamburg can pride itself with a substantial offer for lovers of fine food. But the overall choice of cuisine available in this Hanseatic city is as varied as its cosmopolitan character. Local and international specialties are served by food trucks, eateries and bistros as well as pubs and diners of all shapes and sizes.

Photo: Seven Seas

A Hamburg original wins worldwide fame

Photo: GettyImages

Hamburg is world-famous for one dish in particular: the burger, which is the short form for “hamburger”. So, what’s the story here? The most plausible among the many myths of its origin goes back to a type of round wheat bun that was popular in Hamburg during the early 20th century. Known as the “Rundstück warm” it would be filled with a piece of roast meat and gravy. On board the emigrant ships it travelled all the way to the New World, where a ground meat patty was substituted for the roast meat.

Great produce for green meetings

Hamburg’s meeting industry takes inspiration from the city’s commitment to find green answers to metropolitan challenges. And Hamburg is fortunate enough to have the “Altes Land” region, which is Europe’s largest fruit garden, right at its doorstep. Fresh ingredients for top quality catering can be found at Hamburg’s many farmers’ markets. The most famous one is Isemarkt, accommodating more than 200 traders over a stretch of nearly 1 kilometer.

Photo: HCB

Focus on food

Photo: HCB

With so much attention to snacking, lunching and dining in and around Hamburg it’s no coincidence that this is also the host city for Internorga, Europe’s leading foodservice and hospitality trade show. From 17 to 21 March it will once again welcome around 1,300 exhibitors and 95,000 visitors from all over Germany as well as from the rest of the world.


First of all we feel. Then we think. Last we talk.

When visiting Hamburg you’ll find that people here have their heart in the right place. Whatever they embark on, they do it with cheerfulness and tenacity. In Hamburg we don’t tend to waste many words but rather like to get straight to the point. Just watch and listen what it feels like to live in this great city. Or have a read on what members of the Hamburg Convention Bureau’s team love most about their hometown.

Nina: Full of atmosphere and flavour

My jogging trail around the Alster Lake is the best start into the day I can imagine, no matter whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. Fresh air and new energy plus the singular view from the Kennedy Bridge across the Inner Alster Lake to Jungfernstieg – Hamburg, my treasured pearl! I love stopping for coffee at Elbgold, one of Hamburg’s independent roasting companies, to enjoy a cup of my favourite blend. On Tuesdays and Fridays I like to do some grocery shopping at Isemarkt, one of Hamburg’s most famous weekly markets. Situated underneath a metro train bridge the location is charmingly urban, and you can find all sorts of delicacies from Hamburg and elsewhere. One of the best places to wind down after work is Bodo’s Bootssteg on the Outer Alster lakefront. Sitting on the terrace watching the sailing boats never fails to set the atmosphere for a relaxed evening.

Photo: HCB

Nele: Speedy on two wheels

Photo: HCB

I find Hamburg most loveable when I’m on my bike riding along greenery and waterways. I’m also really lucky that my commute to work includes the banks of Alster Lake. I can’t think of a better morning routine than joining runners on their rounds and watching rowboats silently moving across the waves while the sun rises behind the lakeside park.

Throughout the day as well as in the evening my bike takes me to any of my regular stops around town within the magic space of just 25 minutes. That can be a barbecue party at the Alster Lake, a sundowner at the beachfront of the River Elbe or my favourite café in the Schanze district. And I get the extra bonus of maintaining a cool head and a glowing skin while riding around in any wind and weather. What a feeling!

Florian: Best in quality of life

Photo: HCB

For me no city in the world beats Hamburg’s quality of life. One of my favourite downtown spots is Alsterarkaden, a historic shopping archway with a classic Mediterranean flair. I just love taking a break there with coffee and cake while taking in the view across the Alsterfleet canal to Hamburg’s Town Hall. I’m always impressed by the splendid Neo-Renaissance style of this historic sandstone building. It epitomises Hamburg’s rich history and culture as well as its people, who treasure its unique maritime character and cosmopolitan atmosphere. From Rathausmarkt it’s only a short bike ride or walk to Speicherstadt – the world’s largest historic warehouse district which has recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. An enduring symbol of trade it’s marked by living tradition as well as the permanent smell of spices and coffee – a place not to be missed when visiting Hamburg!

Frank: Land ahoy!

Photo: HCB

My all-time favourite Hamburg tours are journeys on the Elbe River on the upper deck of port ferries 72 and 62. After a walk around brand new urban district HafenCity, I recommend making a quick stop to check out Hamburg’s new and exciting landmark: the Elbphilharmonie. Its iconic wavy roof reflects both the sunlight and Hamburg’s many waterways.

From there it’s only a short hop to the pier from where ferry 72 takes me across the river. Back at Landungsbrücken I get off and take in a bit of port air before changing to line 62 heading for Finkenwerder. This trip takes me along a panorama that evokes nearly all facets of life in Hamburg – St. Michael’s church, St. Pauli, the Fischmarkt, Oevelgönne with its restored old-timer ships and at last the villas of Ottensen and Othmarschen. For me there’s no better way to switch off from a busy schedule than cruising on the Elbe watching the seagulls above, feeling a light ocean breeze!


Watch a grand opening

Photos: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Ralph Larmann

Designed to look like a rolling wave in homage to Hamburg’s world-famous harbour and the city’s close connection to the ocean, the Elbphilharmonie is “setting sail” at last. Hundreds of guests of the spectacular opening ceremony that took place on 11 January experienced this outstanding piece of architecture in all its glory. Take a look at a stunning debut!

As a concert hall the “Elphi” – as locals like to call their new landmark – can add an exquisite touch to the cultural programme of meetings and conventions. Moreover, it has some truly unique meeting spaces on offer including a spectacular plaza and three outstanding performance halls. The building also harbours restaurant and hotel facilities for top-notch dining and lodging.


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Explore a city of transformation

Rising above the waves of the Elbe river, at the crossroads between UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt and the newly built HafenCity, the Elbphilharmonie has become symbolic of Hamburg’s forward-looking spirit. Within just a few minutes’ walking distance you can enjoy Hamburg’s unique mix of Hanseatic tradition and modern urban style.

A long history of sea trade has formed Hamburg’s cosmopolitan character. Today an innovation-driven business environment with strong creative industries is setting the scene for a smart city. Discover a place that takes pride in reinventing itself and your decision for Hamburg will turn out a smart move!

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Jörg Modrow

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Jörg Modrow

Try some unique locations

If you take your guests to Hamburg you can offer them a whole range of exclusive experiences. Why not host a party on a boat and spend the evening cruising around the harbour and the city’s picturesque canals? If you prefer to stay ashore, maybe the charming boat house of Europe’s oldest rowing club or the lavish interior of a neo-gothic church strikes your fancy. Or think big and hire one of Hamburg’s cruise terminals, which are available in betweeen ship movements and provide both generous space and amazing views.

Immerse yourself in culture

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Michael Zapf

Like a kaleidoscope Hamburg unfolds its many charms across a colourful spectrum of classic culture, contemporary art and dazzling entertainment. Whatever you are looking for to entertain your visitors, there is more than plenty of choice for every taste and any occasion. You can be sure that Hamburg’s culture always hits the right note.



Check out new dimensions

Photo: Congress Center Hamburg

At the end of 2016 the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg will be closing its doors to undergo a complete transformation. Upon its reopening in 2020 it will merge a successful history of over 40 years with tomorrow’s requirements. The revitalised CCH will offer new dimensions for all kinds of modern event formats as well as a maximum of flexibility and functionality. With a total of 24,000 square meters of foyer and exhibition space and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls it will be Germany’s biggest convention centre while continuing to set standards in the international meetings industry. One of its key assets will of course stay unchanged: Located right in the heart of Hamburg it will have direct access to an ICE high-speed train station. How about a sneak preview? Take a look at the future now!

Take a virtual view

Hamburg has both the creativity and the business vibe to foster innovation. It seems only natural that the city is home to a vibrant virtual/augmented reality community. That’s a real asset for Hamburg’s many start-ups and service providers but also for meetings and events professionals. There is even a virtual tour to the new CCH. So join the fun, put on that headset and enjoy the experience! Or choose your own individual perspective and navigate around town with a 360 degree view!

Photo: HCB

Keep outside options open

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier

Some of the best parts of meetings and conventions can be the breaks between sessions or the precious morning and evening hours when there is an opportunity to get to know your host destination. In Hamburg it’s always worth stepping outside no matter what the weather or season. Do as the locals do and enjoy a fresh breeze with a coffee or hop on a boat and spend a relaxing time cruising along the city’s amazing waterways! And make sure to bring your sunglasses, as in Hamburg you can catch a sunny moment at any time of year.

Photo: HCB

Discover hidden gems

Keep your shades on and explore Hamburg’s dazzling sides in style! What makes Hamburg such a great place to visit all year round is the variety of attractions you can find here. There is so much to discover in this city that never fails to surprise its visitors. Connaisseurs of art and culture can indulge their passion at hundreds of museums, galleries and shows. Fans of live music have a vast and ever changing choice of clubs. Food lovers find delicacies for every taste. And for the dedicated shopper there is plenty of fashion and design from luxury to independent labels.



Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier

Christmas spirit all around town

Every year in November Hamburg’s streets and squares begin to look like Santa’s paid an early visit, showering them with festive sparkle. A true city of trade Hamburg boasts over 40 different Christmas markets. They all welcome you with a warm atmosphere as well as a rich choice of goods and goodies, mulled wine and hearty snacks.

Meet and be merry

Why not extend your meetings into the lively Christmas market scene? Time to be merry and to celebrate the season! And time to taste Hamburg’s original Christmas flavour! Guess why ‚Glühwein’ tastes so delicious here? Because it’s made with spices supplied directly from Speicherstadt – another exciting part of Hamburg to explore.

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier

Enjoy old Hamburg magic

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, Hamburg’s warehouse district Speicherstadt still looks much the same as it did over 125 years ago. While retaining its historic charm the area offers a variety of renovated, new and interesting venues set against an exquisite Hanseatic backdrop of Gothic brick façades, wrought-iron bridges and labyrinthine canals.

Spice up your event

Traditional Hamburg offers lots of attractions and activities that make your event special and memorable. From tasting coffee, tea or spices to creating your own bar of chocolate you and your guests will be pleasantly entertained. Or you can dine and party in style in some of the grand old warehouses, surrounded by Hamburg’s maritime glory.

Photo: Teekontor



Head over heels for Hamburg

Hamburg is a city of short distances and it’s very walkable. In Hamburg you can easily hold conventions within an 8 kilometer radius. No need to step out of your high heels, ladies! Just keep on walking!


Photo: HCB

Public transport provides connections to and from every corner you may want to go to and Hamburg Airport can be reached within 20 minutes from the downtown area. Apart from a lot of walkable urban space the city has a tight network of subway lines, trains and buses as well as several ferry services. If you prefer individual transport simply rent a city bike and enjoy Hamburg’s splendour on two wheels!

Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier

Photo: HCB

Your ticket to ride

In Hamburg you can travel around town on a conference ticket. With the HVV-KombiTicket for conferences, meetings and seminars, participants can use Hamburg’s entire local public transport network for just one third of the regular price and in a climate-friendly way.

Cool and curious – Buses with books

Did you know that there are around 130 book stops in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region? No, this is not a typo: we are talking about bookshelves in coaches. Watch out for a “Bücherbus” and spend your urban journey reading a book. Some of the regular public transport buses come with with a built-in bookshelf. Passengers are encouraged to help themselves and even take a book home if they like it. They can return the favour by making a donation from their own book collection next time round.

Connected all the way

Serving a wide range of global destinations at considerable frequency Hamburg airport welcomes 37,000 passengers per day. Located within city limits it offers a train connection of only 20 minutes to Hamburg’s downtown area. The journey by car is nearly as fast, even during rush hour.

Photo: HCB

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