Media, IT and telecommunications: Hamburg@work

With 110,000 employees from more than 23,000 companies, Hamburg’s media and IT cluster is one of the key industries of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Within a short period of time, Hamburg has risen to become the leading German city in the field of computer games development. The business network Hamburg@work serves as the cluster’s innovative engine and at the same time as the city’s private partner organisation. Collaborations here include e.g. the nextMedia Hamburg project, a new platform at the interface of content and technology, which aims to improve conditions for creating digital business models, to encourage collaborations and to promote networking.

Within Hamburg’s media and technology sector, the Hamburg@work initiative is committed to promoting topics such as games, digital television and e-commerce. For these and other growth areas, the initiative implements various projects as well as more than 120 events annually, based on the three campaigns “eCommerceCity: Hamburg”, “gamecity: Hamburg” and “mediacity: Hamburg”.

The initiative includes more than 650 members, ranging from start-up businesses to large corporations, making it the largest of its kind in Germany. Business links established within this network go far beyond the Hamburg region and even beyond Germany, spanning cities such as San Francisco, New York and Shanghai.

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Photo: / C. O. Bruch