Caroline Molitoris

Caroline Molitoris

Marketing Manager Conventions
Focus: Media & IT, Creative Industries, Renewable Energies & Smart City
T +49 (0)40 / 30051-615


Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Hamburg’s international reputation as a media and creative hub is driven by the city’s renowned publishing houses and advertising agencies, film and television businesses, as well as the music and digital industries. With the launch of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in 2010, artists, designers, advertisers, authors, actors and many other cultural workers established their own lobby. As Hamburg is Germany’s third largest creative hub, the creative industries are an important economic factor with considerable future prospects.

The cluster initiative Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft promotes this potential through a network of eleven sub-sectors: architecture, visual arts, performing arts, design, film, literature, music, press, radio, software & games, and advertising, with the aim of sustainably strengthening business efficiency among individual stakeholders and the sector as a whole. The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft opens up space for art and culture, bridges the gap between cultural workers and public institutions and serves as a guide in the areas of training and knowledge transfer.

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