Karine Serra

Karine Serra

Marketing Manager Conventions
Focus: Medical, Healthcare & Life Science

Tel +49 (0)40 / 30051-617


One out of seven employees working in Hamburg is active in the healthcare sector. Besides Berlin and Bremen, Hamburg has the highest density of medical doctors in Germany and enjoys an excellent international reputation as a healthcare location. Today, Hamburg is home to 169,000 healthcare professionals – an increase of 33,000 compared with 2006. As many as 12,500 practitioners, dentists and psychotherapists are working in Hamburg. 79 hospitals in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region are providing 12,000 beds and secure 3,000 apprenticeship positions. Over the past decade, the gross value added by Hamburg’s healthcare sector has increased steadily by an average of more than 4 percent annually and now amounts to more than 9.6 billion euro.

Hamburg’s healthcare cluster is managed by Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH), a subsidiary of the City of Hamburg and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In cooperation with the Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg association, GWHH promotes the development and expansion of sustainable collaborative structures within the healthcare sector. Furthermore, GWHH bundles the expertise of stakeholders from the healthcare sector, such as companies, universities, research and training institutions, hospitals, care providers, physicians, insurance funds and insurance companies, as well as professional chambers, associations and interest groups.

The cluster initiative aims to strengthen Hamburg as a healthcare location to ensure good medical care, meet the requirements for qualified staff and to leverage the opportunities created by digitisation. To these ends, the cluster initiates cross-sectoral and cross-industry activities and projects that are intended to increase the potential for growth, employment, system innovations and quality of care.

Cluster projects focus on various health-related topics such as e-health, health and ageing, education and innovation as well as corporate health management.

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