Hamburg is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world with one of the highest qualities of life. The international reputation of the Hanseatic city was most recently confirmed by its leading positions in the metropolis rankings of Condé Nast, The New York Times, and the Economist. The British Independent also lately honoured it as the most sociable city in Germany. No wonder that Hamburg is in ever greater demand as a destination for events of all kinds and sizes.

The Elbe metropolis Hamburg shares its talent for sociability with the Danube city of Vienna. There, a guest appearance of the Hamburg Convention Bureau (HCB) on 26 April met with an enthusiastic response. Together with 7 providers from the Hamburg event industry, Karin Samland and Nele Aumann from the HCB sent out invitations to a business breakfast at Café Motto on the Danube Canal.

For, as the hosts knew, the best way to nail one’s colours to the mast is in a maritime atmosphere. They were supported in the preparations for and running of the event on site by Elisabeth Hansa (Support & Strategy On Demand) and Renate Danler (Renate Danler Consulting).

Around 40 event planners from Vienna agencies, associations and companies took the opportunity to catch up on the current offerings of the Hamburg meeting market on their way to the office. “Moin Moin” and “Servus” were exchanged at the Hamburg breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, speck, herring, crab salad and Franzbrötchen pastries – the right sustenance for a multimedia program full of news and inspirations.

After all, 2017 continues to be an eventful year for Hamburg: In January, with the launch of the Elbphilharmonie, the new symbol of the city opened its doors. At the same time, the revitalisation began of the tradition-steeped CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. Upon its reopening in 2019, the new CCH, with its 24,000 m2 total of foyer and exhibition space and its 12,000 seats in up to 50 rooms, will be one of the largest congress centres in Europe. And there is a great deal of movement on the Hamburg hotel market at the moment, as well: On the heels of the opening of four new hotels in the past year with around 520 rooms, another 14 new establishments with a capacity of around 2,300 rooms will be added to that in 2017.

The guests showed great interest in Hamburg and its dynamic evolution. In many personal conversations, individual questions could be answered and tips for events and incentives offered.

Among the guests in Vienna were the Hamburg agencies 44 events GmbH and BEEFTEA Group GmbH, the venue DIALOGHAUS HAMBURG, the Nordic Broadway as well as the hotels Mövenpick Hamburg, Prizeotel and Scandic Emporio.

The highlights of the Hanseatic city could be experienced within arm’s reach in a 360-degree view with a glance through virtual-reality glasses. As a souvenir of this special start to the day, the participants immortalised themselves in various formations in front of a photo wall of the Hamburg skyline. Photos were taken by Ludwig Schedl. The portraits and group photos can be seen


The Hamburg contingent returned to their home port inspired by this fantastic resonance, already making plans for further guest appearances.

Photos: Jörg Modrow / (1), Ludwig Schedl