Hamburg’s hotels – just as multifaceted and cosmopolitan as the city itself

With Karin, Florian and Saskia, discover the latest highlights of the Hamburg hotel scene!

A venue match made in heaven …

Auditorium acoustics experts meet at Hamburg’s acclaimed Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg – wind capital of the world

City hosts world’s largest exhibition for the wind industry

HCB and IAPCO to continue successful partnership

Common focus on quality and strong networks

Hold a Conference in Hamburg's historic Speicherstadt

Join Karin, Florian and Saskia for a stroll through the warehouse district! Discover intriguing spots and a colourful spread of entertainments! 

Webinar with Florian Gerdes about the MICE destination Hamburg

Hamburg provides magnetic stage for the 2017 OMR Festival

The name of the event kind of says it all – Online Marketing Rock Stars Festival Hamburg (aka OMR) … cool.

Meetings with creative flair and fun outdoors in Hamburg

Join Saskia, Florian and Karin from the Hamburg Convention Bureau for a perfect MICE day in Hamburg.


Hamburg came out with a new format to present the highlights of its MICE offerings, and it met with great excitement in Vienna.

Elbphilharmonie now open for discovery

Even before its opening the Elbphilharmonie has become Hamburg’s new landmark. Karin, Florian and Saskia from the Hamburg Convention Bureau have paid an exclusive visit to the “Elphi” and captured these amazing views and insights for you.

A different kind of Hamburg experience

Have your next meeting at an ultra cool theatre or take a one-of-a kind tour in Hamburg’s St. Pauli/Reeperbahn district.

Hip Hamburg Awaits

Hamburg is well known for its world class events, conferences and meetings in the maritime, design, music, aviation, tech and finance industries but when you pull into this port city you also experience a perfect storm of creative, artistic and design-driven influences that will wow!

Take a Virtual Tour of Hamburg with Hamburg Convention Bureau’s Florian Gerdes.

138th IATA Slot Conference

Local aviation expertise & venue connectivity create turbulence-free working meeting.

Join a Group of North American Meeting Planners on a Tour of Bold Hamburg

Hamburg – Germany’s 2nd largest and many say finest city – is an innovative cosmopolitan meetings destinations that is energizing by day and exciting by night.

Brahms in Hamburg

Conference hits the high notes for manhattan string quartets annual meeting.

Photos: Christian Spahrbier, Jörg Modrow*, Andreas Vallbracht*,, HCB, M. Penner, HCB | *