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Our services can help you save time and effort when it comes to planning your event. Our Conventions and Events business divisions offer comprehensive services for trade events and public events. Drawing on industry expertise and local knowledge, our dedicated staff will be happy to advise you across various client segments, markets and industries.


We establish contact with stakeholders from business, politics and academia. Take advantage of our expertise when bidding for a conference.

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We advise you with regard to suitable venues, incentive trips, social programmes as well as service providers. We keep you up to date and invite you to rediscover Hamburg time and again.

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With the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg in the very heart of the city and numerous other centrally located meeting facilities, Hamburg offers ideal conditions for hosting large-scale conventions and other trade events of up to 12,000 participants. As a growing business hub, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is a centre for innovative industries, highly skilled workers and scientific excellence. Hamburg’s economic clusters provide a cross-cutting network for companies, research facilities and training centres within the relevant industries and serve as the key driving force for location development. The HCB’s team comprises experts for the individual clusters and will be happy to advise and support you. Our services range from support in terms of conference bidding and organisational help to inspection tours and event marketing.

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Medicine & healthcare

One out of seven employees in Hamburg works in the healthcare sector. Hamburg has the highest density of medical doctors besides Berlin and Bremen. Moreover, Hamburg enjoys an excellent reputation as an international healthcare destination.

Life science

The federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein maintain a joint network of research facilities and businesses in the area of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. These industries comprise more than 500 companies and research facilities as well as 20,000 professionals active in both federal states.
Karine Serra

Karine Serra

Marketing Manager Conventions
Focus: Medical, Healthcare & Life Science
Tel +49 (0)40 / 30051-617

Media & IT

The media & IT cluster comprises more than 23,000 companies and is thus one of the key industries in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The current focus lies on the development of the digital economy. Hamburg has become the leading city in Germany in the area of computer game development.

Creative industries

The City of Hamburg promotes the development of arts and culture also in niche areas by providing favourable framework conditions. As well as adding to Hamburg’s vibrant and varied cultural scene, the creative industries contribute fresh impetus and new events.

Renewable energies

As a green metropolis, Hamburg promotes wind power, solar energy and biomass and has committed itself to clear objectives with regard to climate change and air pollution. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is home to almost 1,500 green energy companies with a total workforce of more than 25,000. Renowned companies from the wind industry sector have their head offices in Hamburg.

Other clusters

Please contact Nina Alswede in the event that none of the listed clusters match your association’s industry.
Caroline Molitoris

Caroline Molitoris

Marketing Manager Conventions
Focus: Media & IT, Creative Industries, Renewable Energies & Smart City
T +49 (0)40 / 30051-615



With its close ties to the port, trade and transport industries, the logistics industry is one of the main employers in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The logistics cluster is the largest of its kind in Germany and also includes numerous training institutions.

Maritime industries

Shipbuilding, shipping, marine technology and the offshore industry have a strong presence in Northern Germany and are supported transregionally by the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. The cluster focusses e.g. on developing training opportunities for specialist staff.


Hamburg is the second largest centre of civil aviation in Europe. With an aviation tradition of more than 100 years, Hamburg can draw on skills and expertise that span all facets of aircraft construction, aircraft maintenance and airport operations.
Frank Pflugfelder

Frank Pflugfelder

Marketing Manager Conventions – Cluster
Focus: Logistics, Maritime Industries and Aviation
T +49 (0)40 / 30051-655


Advisory services for companies & agencies

When searching for the perfect conference facilities, the perfect location and the right service provider, please contact the Conventions team, who will be happy to help you. We know the demands of the industry and we can provide you with swift, professional help in planning your event. Our team comprises competent contact persons according to our clients’ countries of origin.

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Hamburg is a liveable waterside metropolis and one of the most popular tourist destinations for German residents. The city is renowned for its musicals, its nightlife, its diverse cultural scene and a rich choice of hotels. Hamburg’s port and the city’s history as an international trading centre provide economic impetus and a unique flair. Hamburg is defined by its ongoing transformation. In the HafenCity district, for instance, new locations and venues continue to evolve, and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, Hamburg’s prominent new landmark, is hugely popular even at this stage.

Austria & Switzerland

For Austria and Switzerland, Hamburg has always been a prime gateway to international markets as the city provides direct access to the North Sea. Both countries conclude large parts of their seaborne imports and exports through Hamburg. The close links in commodity trade are also reflected in the logistics sector and the transport industry. With the development of the HafenCity, a new district has been created on Hamburg’s waterfront, and today a number of renowned companies have their head offices in the HafenCity. Here you can experience the fascination of giant container ships and elegant cruise liners from new, ever-changing perspectives.


Hamburg is the place to go for adventurous spirits and gourmets. The city offers a colourful mix of art and design in the off-scene quarters as well as renowned luxury brands in the city centre. In Hamburg, the penchant for fine wines, regional specialties and overseas fare have a long tradition and reflect the city’s welcoming spirit. Top-class chefs, trendsetters and restaurant owners from all world regions can draw on a rich choice of resources as Hamburg not only has a long history as a trading hub for coffee, tea, spices and exotic fruit but also a strong supply chain with excellent opportunities for sourcing products.


In Hamburg’s foreign trade with France, aircrafts make up the largest volume due to the joint Airbus production sites in Hamburg and Toulouse. Hamburg is the most important civil aviation location in Europe just after Toulouse. With its close links with both the aviation and maritime industries, Hamburg’s logistics industry is one of the main providers of impetus and boasts the largest logistics network in Germany.
Karin Samland

Karin Samland

Marketing Manager Conventions – Markets
Focus: Germany, Austria & Switzerland
T +49 (0)40 / 30051-614


Great Britain

The close economic and trade relations between Hamburg and Great Britain date back to the era of the Hanseatic League. Hamburg’s merchants and shipowners traditionally sent their sons to be educated in London and were thus influenced by the English way of life. Examples of this influence include Hamburg’s sprawling landscaped gardens and the founding of the first English-style rowing club in Germany. Today, the River Elbe and the Alster Lake provide an attractive setting for business, hotels, venues and leisure activities while offering good value for money. Many of Hamburg’s famous festivals – among them the Hafengeburtstag port festival, the Alstervergnügen and several Christmas markets – are held directly on the water. Hamburg is also famous for its excellent nightlife and countless music clubs. After all, the Beatles once started their international career on the stages of the St Pauli district.


The world’s first cruise ship was built on behalf of the Hapag shipping company in Hamburg in 1900. One might almost say that cruise tourism was invented in Hamburg. Either way, it is clear that Hamburg has swiftly developed into a leading European cruise hub that now features three cruise terminals. The nearby city centre with its magnificent town hall, impressive Kontorhaus buildings, luxurious shopping centres, the historic Speicherstadt warehouse district and the BallinStadt emigration museum are popular tourist destinations and at the same time reflect Hamburg’s rich history. While the city is immersed in tradition, it also makes it a point to provide fresh impetus – e.g. in the fields of design and architecture or in developing innovative technologies.


Fifty percent of German foreign trade with China is handled through the port of Hamburg, making China one of the city’s key economic partners. Hamburg’s economic clusters serve as important connecting factors here. Common focal points include logistics and transport, as well as aviation, urban and traffic planning, architecture, healthcare and environmental technologies. Today, more than 500 Chinese companies are located in Hamburg and use the city as their main European trading hub.

Hamburg and the Chinese city of Shanghai have been twinned since 1986, and Hamburg also maintains its own representative office in Shanghai – the Hamburg Liaison Office. Since 2004, both cities have also been closely linked via their port partnership programme. In that same year, the conference “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe” was launched. Hosted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, this biennial event has since become an important international platform for German-Chinese dialogue. Speaking of which: Hamburg actually offers an authentic Chinese venue for conventions and events: the Yu garden is a replica of the Huxinting Teahouse in Shanghai – a gift from Hamburg’s twin city.


For guests from Scandinavia, Hamburg is located right outside their door, and the ferry ports of Kiel and Lübeck-Travemünde even provide direct access by waterway. Also by plane, Hamburg is within easy reach. Beyond traditional ties in the areas of shipping, shipbuilding and transport, collaborations between Hamburg and Scandinavia increasingly focus on advancing new technologies and sustainable innovations. In particular, collaborations include sectors such as renewable energies as well as media and IT. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region has become an established wind power centre and is among Europe’s leading locations in the field.

Other countries

For enquiries regarding all other countries, please contact Florian Gerdes.
Florian Gerdes

Florian Gerdes

Marketing Manager Conventions – Markets
Focus: Great Britain, USA & China
T +49 (0)40 / 30051-652


Photo: / Christian Spahrbier